Simply thank you InstaPrivy!

 A Big thank you to Paul and his wife of I met Paul a few years ago at an Overland Expo in Flagstaff AZ, when I first saw his InstaPrivy invention. I was very impressed and thought this was a great idea for SUV-RVers like I have been, Car and Vehicle dwellers, Camping families, "Different Abilities" (ADA people), Road trippers and Nomads. A very practical, logical solution that is budget friendly, easy to pack. When Paul added the backpack for storage, portability and extra supplies I was even more impressed. 

At the 2021 Overland Expo West, I filmed Paul and his helpers working their booth and giving great information about how to use this unique product. We discussed the possibility of sponsorship at that time. Unfortunately the phone I filmed with had cut off the camera at sometime during the filming and my footage was useless as it was.  

At this spring's May 2022 Overland Expo West in Flagstaff. I reconnected with Paul and his wife, who graciously decided to sponsor me - you will see their InstaPrivy products and their logo in and around my videos.

Please check out their product, which is available at their booth at Overland Expo's and on their website as well as on Amazon at

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  1. Hi Lesa!
    It was great to see you again at Overland West! Shirley and I are always impressed with your knowledge and experience. We appreciate you spending time with us and recommending the InstaPrivy to attendees looking for the most practical and sensible portable toilet kit available. Thank you very much for the blogpost on the InstaPrivy, we greatly appreciate it!
    Paul Mangum
    InstaPrivy, LLC

  2. Thank you for featuring this product. There are so many innovations in the marketplace, but until I or someone else has an authentic experience with the product, it is hard to determine usefulness. I hate shopping, I hate returning stuff, and of course, some stuff cannot be returned.

    Last night I did what you call a "turtle step." I cleaned out my trailblazer and slept in my driveway....

    I recently purchased property in Apache County but am apprehensive about boondocking there. I have looked at almost all your videos and realized I could go "turtle." You are an inspiration to stop dreaming and start doing. It is never too late to live our dreams. Thanks again.


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