Friday, August 17, 2018

Simply another week in Witch Well!


So its been another week - I helped my friend Zee, who is 80, get mostly moved into her new house in town. I helped my friend, Cheryl with loading trash and connected her with another friend from St John's who looked over her solar and generator system at her off-grid home. I planted some spinach and lettuce in pots - I don't like the asthetic look, but I need the greens more than the asthetics at the moment.  I'm, slowly working on a mini screened in garden room - mini, mind you, being that it is barely the size of a shelving unit.

I expanded the yard fencing to include a hill top dining area. Thanks to Gen for the idea! I've taken my dinner and lunches up there most days this week. I love how practical the space is.  I don't have the ground leveled out yet, one step at a time.

I've been getting gentle rain most nights this week! That's been helpful for the flower garden.  Oh and sometime this spring, when people were visiting my house, I had someone plant some potatoes that were sprouting.  I recall saying something to the effect of, just take these out there on the other side of the fence and plant these in the ground under those trees, lets see what happens.  Well, this week or perhaps it was last week, I noticed dark green things growing up near sticks under a tree - I looked around more and I think its those potato plants. I guess the rain has encouraged them to sprout up! You just never know. LOL

I'm considering doing a "What's up Wednesday" post in the future, because of my schedule and needing to use public internet to post and upload videos.... I think it's a kewl idea.

I've been focusing on my health, I had already changed my diet and now most days I'm walking the driveway with Ozzie on a leash... its a start - a good steady start. Something I have learned from my paying off debt project, these past 4 years, is that sticking with something, no matter how small does make progress. I'm down 20 pounds and close to $1000 left in debt! Oh and I cut my hair!

Keep on Keeping it Simple Silly!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Announcement: Fall GTG!

It's that time again.... I can hardly believe it has been a year already

Simply Lesa's NE Arizona Fall Get ToGether (GTG) 2018
Who: Nomads, Friends and Neighbors - only those who contact me!
What: Camping get together - When you contact me I send detailed directions and GTG schedule as well as guidelines. As usual Friday night, September 28 community dinner.
Where: Simply Lesa's home base, off grid property in Witch Well, AZ
When: September 24 - October 1, 2018

Space is limited. Contact me on the front page of this blog or at for further information.
I hope to see you soon

Keep on Keeping It Simple!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

After the Storm - Simply a You Tube Video

Oh that's a great picture! lol

Simply a week in July!

So I'm back at the library, for some reason my $5 a month flashed internet hasn't been working for the better part of two days - so plan B! I'm attempting to upload my latest YouTube video as well.

I don't recall which day it was, but we had a big crazy storm. Actually the radar, I had internet that day, out of Flagstaff said we had 2 big storms collide over Witch Well. It was scarey. Yup Ozzie was shaking and hyperventilating and I was doing my best to avoid watching and waiting for every single flash of lightening and crack of thunder, or wondering about Spunky being alright in his tree-house. So I wrote a play by play update of the storm on my Facebook page. LOL
Yup, good news, we are fine.

So as is prudent, the morning after, Ozzie and I took a walk around the property and yard, checking for damage or signs of flooding. Kinda normal stuff in an off-grid, self-reliant situation. Spunky was just fine, his blankie was barely damp on one corner, so we hung it on the clothes line to dry. We fed him and the birds - who chirp a happy thank you every morning and a greedy squawk most mornings waiting for feed!  We do our other chores, like dumping the potty bucket and compost. Check the level of water in the tank. Pick up downed branches and as the fire ban was lifted, we burned both a barrel of trash as well as a short pile of brush in our new bonfire pit.

We didn't find too much damage. Hardly nothing at all. I knew better than to drive out that day, so we stayed home and let the ground dry. Later in the day I continued digging a pit to fill with last years compost - it's easier digging in the water soaked, softer ground. I made amazing progress

There's Ozzie on the ridge!

The library has changed since I was in. Physically it looks the same, but there are a LOT of children playing games on the computers and very young children playing with toys on the floor. It reminds me of a child care center. It's not very quiet any more. I have to admit it's kind of nice to work on a computer for a change. The larger screen and keyboard, comfy chair and work station is pleasant.

I guess I need to make some changes in my thinking and plans... IF my internet is finished, I could really use the break in what has become my routine of late. My budget doesn't include the $175 - 225 upgrade to 4G service.  I've been missing my old routine of planning online time only 1ce a week. I've gotten into the habit of watching my friends and neighbors postings on Facebook or watching their videos a lot of hours a day while its too hot outside to do much. I have a simplicity mindset BUT when life is hard or when my disabilities take over... darn crap happens.  I truly want a more conscious lifestyle one that is filled with Traveling Light and Often! and if that is TRUE then I - me - Lesa - I need to make the changes I need to make that happen. So what's been stopping me, besides the weather? For a while I have been stopping me. Why? because I had some negative experiences with people again and based on my history, I created another anxiety moment - it's safer to stay home - well safer to BE ALONE! safer than risking the rejection, the possibility of an error in judgement, safer than making a mistake or of having to deal with others..  AND I HATE IT! I hate being all alone! and of course, that turns into I hate me, I don't like what I look like - well, when did I ever -and was it true? Reality is an odd thing, doesn't seem to match what we thought it once was.

So new thoughts, plans and ideas!
Before I can get on the road, I need to have this property cleaned up! I need to finish putting things in order - storage of building supplies needs to be orderly so that the free range cattle don't destroy those items. I need to finish cleaning up last years compost pile and finish the new model which will be less messy and more useful. I need to finish painting the interior of the trailer so it's neat and nice to return to. I need to move the water storage tank to a location that will place the faucet in the sun for colder weather.  I need to finish up the garden/green house thing I'm building out of recycled shelving so I can grow greens and micro-greens when I am home.  I need to clear and burn the brush piles that have been lining the driveway for a year.  And I need to define and level a few camp sites for my visitors
I also, need to make some plans for traveling - I wonder if I could attend an event and just quietly stay to myself? Could I be content without being anything other than Simply, Just myself - another member of the crowd? And what about Ozzie? and now Spunky? Ozzie's not all that easy to travel with - he's a Yorkie and has that typical Yorkie, I'm the boss and a big boss too attitude and he's lonely and gets so excited and wants to play and.... it doesn't always go well. And that's a big stress for me. Also, do I want to travel this winter? Well, I don't have much choice about winter travel at the moment because I don't have the ability to properly heat the trailer in cold weather. I have asked my buddy Lou to watch for a marine wood stove that I could install in this trailer. A tiny wood stove, like used in boats and other RVs would allow me to then decide if I wanted to stay for the winter.

That brings me to some other thoughts about the trailer and living here the way I do. I feel pretty tied down, of course, I have been because I needed to make the trailer livable. There had been leaks, rodents had gotten inside the walls stuff like that - I've got it mostly taken care of. And yes, the rodents are gone (thanks Aaron for helping with that).

 And during the time I'm working on these things, I am living IN the trailer too and dealing with things like the weather and visitors and .... I used to stretch myself kind of thin. I'm slowing down some. I don't like the proverbial fighting fires so much. and I've been on such a tight budget as I become debt free - I didn't make it as planned for my birthday. Murphy came to visit instead. So I have re-budgeted and now I'm projected to be out of debt in December! I like to have an emergency fund and I have to get it built back up. I hate traveling without it. Especially with my car having so many miles on it. But so far so good. I've come a long way from homeless and wandering and very far.

I'd like to have a car-port over the trailer and patio area. I think it would be a great next step and improvement as it would protect us from weather and make us feel more secure. It would help make it easier to heat as well as stay cooler in the trailer as well.  I'll leave that conversation for another day

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