Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Simply a rant

I shared this on Facebook just now.

 wish I could put this out in the world another way .. Facebook reaches more people.
I finally found out that others in my Nomadic community thought I was begging when I shared that I wanted a shot at the van that was given away at the VanBuild. I did ask to be nominated. I also had asked Jamie Dimon to help me find a road worthy rig months ago and didn't get anywhere. Through the post about the van give away Jamie asked me some questions about my income and a story he had heard. The facts he mentioned we're off, and that happens when we tell something and someone hears it. What I gathered from those questions however was that he didn't want to help me. - I have found a vehicle. No my current trailer is not road worthy.
I will not be traveling this winter. I have decided to concentrate on improving my health so I can be alive a longer time.

I use my free phone that is on a Lifeline government plan I qualify for because I am low income and on disability. I use this phone to communicate, make limited calls - I am given 350 talk minutes per month. I am also given 1G of data I use that for emails, writing my blog and Facebook. I get unlimited texting - I use this with my closest friends all the time. Often calls are dropped or don't ring at all, then I find voice mail. Often texts send multiple times - up to 12 copies I've heard from annoyed friends. I get so frustrated (I think anyone would) typing on the phones small keyboard, dealing with crazy auto correct that I can't shut off.  

Then there's Facebook groups - I love them and hate them. I just can't seem to get it right - I am friendly and joke and add "just teasing' and I can be in trouble or I forget and use the Simply word with my name and I am 'advertising'! I don't give a crap if people read my blog I don't make money off it. It is more of a newsletter than anything. Then can't get back online to edit or delete for hours .. I just can't take it anymore.  Oh and by the way Messenger is a separate app on my phone and it doesn't always work I can't add people, the phone doesn't have storage memory and the SD card doesn't work - gripe gripe I know.

I love helping people. I like to share.
I love my traditional community dinners - one at Passover and the other during the Feast if Tabernacles (there I said it out loud)
I love my low tech, off grid, simple life.
I love Ozzie, his PTSD, anxieties and all. I don't love his barking.
I love many of you people - whether we have physically met or not.
I love my mix of alone and together time.
I love my property.
I love traveling and I love being in my familiar safe place that is home.

I might be scaling back to only a few friends on Facebook. I have not decided. I might just delete it from the phone

I'm still me. I'm still available. You may just have to come find me. -- you know what else I liked and miss - the evening news like we had in the 70s - just a couple choices no crap just this thing happened in the world and then Star Trek came on! LOL I guess I am getting old aye!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Being Simply Myself

By myself...
I am being Simply myself. I'm nobody special. We all are the same. I do my best to live honestly, openly and with humble, grateful transparency. I think I do pretty well.

Well except when I am having a nervous breakdown like I did this past spring.
I'm sorry that was hard to watch and that some misunderstood me to be whiney or begging or some other negative energy. It's over. I'm more clear.

FYI I am still in Witch Well at my property. Yes it is cold and winter here now. If you like, Weather Street gives a good report for my property if you search for Witch Wells (they are in error) AZ.

Ozzie and I are doing well. We seem to be pretty healthy. My back is improved. My left side and ankle are nearly back to the shape we were in before the horrible sprain. I'm beginning to walk a mile a day again. I still feel some muscles that need more work.

I  sold my Honda and then for the same amount of money was able to buy another SUV, get it titled, registered, plates, pay gas money and lunch for a ride to get it! It makes me feel good to work that kind of magic! I am truly blessed.

My Grizzly wood stove had been difficult to work with until a couple weeks ago when neighbors came over and modified the roof cap. Now it's fabulous! You likely have heard of Madlofs higher archery of needs that states humans need food, clothing and safe shelter. Anything less is survival mode. Well I feel like now that the heat issue is solved, I have graduated to a new level of safety. It's a calmer place to be, less rushing to beat the weather or to battle the varments! Oh that reminds me. We also skirted my trailer with hardware cloth. It's buried 6-8 inches in the ground. I should not need to be concerned about the rats, mice, Chipmunks, or the snakes that follow them!.

I feel grateful and thankful for the couple of personal gifts I recently received. Thank yo - you know who.

Any life frustrations now seems minor and I have a little list of this to take care of. I am not asking for anything - this is my reality. I think the biggest frustration and probably the next thing I will tackle is my internet and phone situation. I promised to only use my free because I am on disability phone until I am debt free. I'm looking at approximately two more monthmonths. I feel like I put out a lot of fires and I can do things at a slower pace now. I hope that is true.

Another health note. I'm having a powwow with my therapist about my PTSD. We are hoping to help me understand it better so I can better manage my symptoms and stop blaming things on me and my crazy disability. Sounds great.

I hope this finds you all well and encouraged.
If I can get better and improve my living conditions - anyone cIf you have Facebook, I can post pictures there from my phone.



Monday, November 26, 2018

Simply make lunch!

When all else fails, make lunch!
(I have pictures I can't add them from my phone)

That's today's Moto.  First thing I smashed my thumb in the door. I gotta say my coffee was good even though I was out of my coconut sugar.

Then I stripped a screw. Well, I thought I stripped it - a neighbor stopped by and got it out. It was cross threaded at the factory, not my fault. Though it's an odd machine screw so I can't use the wood stove until I get a new one because it lives inside the fire box.

With help, I swept the chimney. The creosote build up is pretty bad. I contacted the company, Cubic Mini Wood stoves.  They said that I have to change out the cap on the roof for a different style ,- darn, I paid $88 for this one. Then they said that I need to wrap all the stove pipe in muffler tape - well why didI spend $135 for stainless steel pipe just towrap it up in ugly muffler tape? I'm not feeling so great about all this right now. The thought crossed my mind that yet again, I am too poor to have this thing. But I don't know of any other solution. I'm feeling tired of stuff being so difficult to maintain.

Tonight it's 50°F inside right now. I have on my boots and coat. I will go to bed soon because it's warmer inside the covers.

I did make a good lunch of beans and turkey. And, I started putting some weed cloth over the wire skirting to help block the wind. I think it might be helping. I will aim to finish that up ttomorrow.

More soon,

Monday, November 19, 2018

Simply keep your chin up!

We all have daily frustrations. I have had some phone calls lately from friends who have had some unexpected financial situations, some blood pressure and other health issues and some sadness due to comments on Facebook.... They are all frustrated in different ways.

I myself was frustrated when I spilled my coffee, smoked up my living space trying to start a fire in the Woodstove and then yanked a poorly installed handle off the trailer!

It's the stuff some days are made of. Simply that... So what's a way to get back to our happier selves?

One trick I use, and at times I even speak it out loud to Ozzie. But he seems to understand!? I remind myself that if I can make or find one little tiny success, my perspective will automatically change. And it does - well sometimes I have to find two or three....

My smoky home, spilled coffee turned out to be the catalyst for cleaning the kitchen counter of clutter. Maybe I should have done it days ago although I truly needed the change of perspective that came from that actiontion on that day. I was so pleased to see the clean shine and I felt accomplished at doing the task well.

I keep reminding myself and my close friends to hunt for a positive and if they can't find one - darn it SIMPLY MAKE one!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

RT Simply an update for you guys

Hi RT and all my followers.

RT - (IfItFitsVanLife), used the gadget on my home page to contact me. She asked me to please write an update because she misses hearing about my here goes.


I was thinking about an update but I have been rather depressed.

I'm not sure about my direction in life though I understand that it's my current health situation that is kicking my butt right now.

I injured my back, then fell more than once and sprained my ankle badly. I'm staying with a neighbor until I get my Woodstove installed for managing better heat. It's been good rest and encouragement to not have total responsibility. It's been good for Ozzie to have extra hugs and a doggie friend to pal (and Chase the cat - bad doggies,) with.  

I woke early this morning with goal setting on my mind. Knowing that my friend is pushing me to go to town with her today. I will go (we didn't go after all, it started hailing and we have to go Thursday for an appointment). I have a package at the Post Office, likely the stove pipe for my heater! 

My current frustrations have been 1. the waiting. Drs appointments are way far off - after Thanksgiving. Another frustration 2. has been both my fear of falling down so far away from any help. The Dr prescribed a walker for me, I requested a 4 wheel drive version - but it has been over a month and the supplier and Drs office still haven't gotten it together to get me one. Frustration 3 - perhaps is more a disappointment? I miss myself, the enouraging, kind, helpful me. The me who loved going to my counseling group and checking in with the 'girls'. I miss my excitement for traveling and encouraging others to Simply try one teenie tiny turtle step thing different and to try it consistently enough to see the change possible. I miss knowing. Being sure. Having no doubt...that I am okay and that God always has my back. (My eyes are leaking)

During this time, I have watched a lot of movies and DVDs. I began paying a little more for my phone service to have unlimited talk time. I no longer have internet service as the great deal I had is no longer available. I am a thinker, so much sometimes it gets in the way. I'm an early riser and love waking to natural light. I like it dark when I sleep. I'm also into Simplicity, Nature and Minimalism - it grounds me. I guess I am an Empath as well. Other's emotions and ideas can affect and distract me. I have to work hard to find and hold dear the balance of alone and together that keeps my life focus and my ethics, beliefs and routines strong.

During this time I feel this reminding to continue in my simplicity - it keeps me strong. To surround myself with the birds, they bring the daily reminder that the great "I am" daily feeds, clothes and loves them as well as us. 

In my space - yes, oh my I miss my space - I am realizing  mistakes. I need to be mobile. I come and go from my property to re-ground my spirit when the world of others is too loud. One mistake is in the permanence of my current trailer. A trailer that truly has seen better days. It's intention was to quickly get a roof over our heads. It has done that and will get us through this current time of healings and cold weather. When this current situation changes,  it's time to have an automatic transmission. Shifting my Honda has not even been possible since I got hurt. My home needs to be mobile so I can at least park in a driveway or rent an RV space, like in town, if I need help in the future. I often wonder about a fiberglass trailer like a Scamp or a home built Vardo. I also think about Short Skoolies, Van's and motorhomes like the Rialta. I don't have a clue what will come my way... I do see change coming. Athough I do like the Simplicity of traveling kind of Overland style in my Honda and having a safe place to return to when I need to recharge myself.

Another mistake is relying on a used solar system. What I had was a gift. It has served me well. It basically died - the used flexible panel failed and the used and aged battery now only transfers power. Prior to this system, I used the power from my car to charge battery operated items. I was able to manage and financially maintain this simple power sytem. I think I prefer that. I, also, am sensitive to the electrostatic waves and understand the health benefits of living with more natural light and living with the day/night sun cycles. I prefer that and, yes I do have lights and I do have a managable small solar system which helps provide power for my phone, DVD player, tablet, lights, radio etc. The only items that require larger power is my batteries for the cordless tools (I do love my Matrix set and new chainsaw) and my new Alpicool refrigerator (which I used one week when the solar was dying lol). The tool batteries can be charged when driving in the car. The refrigerator - I have lived without one many years so I am not sure how I feel about it. I'm now staying is home that is off grid with a large solar array and a large refrigerator. I am taking stock of how I use one while staying here - it already reminds me that I like cold almond milk and the occasional cold drink!

Well that's what has been happening.


and Love

Keep it Simple