Thursday, January 18, 2018

Simply an interview with Rollingsteeltent!

Al asked me to talk about why I bought land... 

I had to mention the surprise it has given me.

Keep it Simple!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Simply getting ready for the RTR

Hi everyone, Ozzie and I have been doing our best to stay calm and healthy as we prepare for the upcoming RTR in Quartzsite, Arizona. The Rubber Tramp Rondevous officially starts tomorrow morning at a location in Scadden Wash. You can check out the details at Bob Wells'

So you are probably wondering what we have been up to. We were given a solar panel for the car and we thought that we could relatively simply get it installed on the the roof rack of the Honda...well Amazon order glitches and other stuff and it's not happening... well yet at least. Then I had a bearing go on the car and parts haven't been available as we were told that they would be. So after some neighborly camper RTR mechanic help, we moved the car to a location on the access road to the RTR neighborhood. Then we set up a base camp. This location will be marked with blue and green ribbon or something and solar lights near a rock mile marker. I'm setting up my Canopy Tent which will have blue walls. It's much calmer for managing Ozzie and getting the car repaired as well as meeting and greeting people.

I'm so excited to see my RTR friends! More arriving daily! So I gotta get over and visit with Nelda & Jerry and Scott & Gen. Shane called to say that they were showing up later today. He also reminded me that Lily's birthday is tomorrow and we will need to borrow a table for cake and ice cream!

I'm not the only one that has had car problems so if you are able to help others please take the opportunity to do that. I met Vintage Van Dan at the laundry in Eberg this morning and his specially built slant 6 engine appears to need work due to a bearing about to spin (ok I don't understand all that but...)  He's brok-ish and needs to figure that out or a way to tow it home after RTR.

I put out another YouTube video this morning.... I had to reset both my tablet and phone to factory settings....darn and it's been a pain getting any constructiveonline stuff done.

The guys are waiting for me...more soon
Keep it Simple and Smile lots
See ya at RTR

Monday, December 25, 2017

B 2017 1225 Happy day of Simplicity

It's December 25th. Lots of others consider this a holiday. Not so much for me. I don't have any family memories to keep up. Anyway Happy happy carry on with living a good life. Remember to Keep it Simple!

Any day is a good day to focus on Simplicity!

So I have been feeling  a dilema with the installation of solar on my car. I was given a lovely panel. The dilema felt like frustration though I sruggled to define the issue.  I tried to end the frustration by gathering information, I became confused.  I couldn't sort out what was "bugging" me. I tried talking it out with the project team and left feeling uncomfortable or something - I couldn't name what I felt, just defeated and deflated, as if this is gonna be a drawn out not frustrated experience and I'm probably not going to get what I need and want.  So I got off alone.  Then I had a nice long shower and detangled my hair which I had let go while I was sick with that cold and allergy ick.  That perked up my inner spirit. I had dinner with old winter traveling friends and spent the nite in a safe, very rural location. I woke to birds singing an rustling in the nearby wash. Ozzie got to have his morning pee run off leash and returned quickly.  we again visited with old friends in the afternoon and discussed my 'dilema' feeling... then I took a potty break and I heard the 'Keep it simple - simply Lesa...Keep it simple!' in my mind.  OOPS - yup. I gave myself a few moments to let that sink in. then I grabbed my journal and returned to the conversation with the friend who said - we have to Keep this Simple Lesa.... oh ya, when its the right message with confirmation...thats what was getting out of hand with the other people...I wasn't communicationg Simplicity well.

When we (when I ) bring others in to help me it adds another energy. There is stress (good or bad) in any project. When we add enery to stress it changes the dynamic of a thing/experience - there is more energy to work with and around.  I find that I need to considder many different ideas because there are more minds, more thought patterns and more personalities to clarify or muddy the project.  If you know me personally its likely you know how I thrive on clarity and simplicity. Everything else is energy draining and can be confusing or frustrating for everyone involved.  So when I choose a project team to get something done, I need people who already consider things like using what we already have or can recycle, keeping costs low, as well as keeping it all basic, functional, practical and simple. With like minded thinkers, the project can move quickly, efficiently and smoothly.  On the other hand, if I forget that I have a choice. Then i have the tendency to accept whoever happens to be around without much thought, I often get a frustrated exxperience and find that I need to re-do much of the work.  I guess what Im expressing here is that I recognize my need to take the lead on my projects by choice and to focus on Simplicity.

Let me also say openly that I love my community on the road, the nomads, the free thinkng creatives, the computer and online geeks and the stick--n-brick communinity in the Witch Well/St John's area of Arizona. My friends have varied and wonderful talents and skills.  Everyone has a place and stuff they are good with.  I'm not good with judgementalism or prideful people and they seem to not be good with me...those things seem to work themselves out.

Back to my latest project of solar on the car...and whats next. Today, I am ordering a charge controler, outlets an a couple led bulbs for the car and probably the batteries so they can be here with Amazon Prime in 2 days... then we're gonna rock and roll and knock this out so we can get on with life and the last piece of my travel puzzel before its time to go to Quartzsite for the RTR.


Saturday, December 23, 2017

B 2017 1223 update from the road

Hey! Thought I better get back to work and write you all an update!

The Southwest is cold right now! Okay seriously days in the 50s and 60s and nights in the upper 30s and 40s isn't that cold. Although we had one night with temps under freezing. Ozzie and I woke to frosty ice inside the windows. One positive on the frost is that as the sun warms up the windows and the ice melts I get to wash the inside of the car windows!

It's pretty though.

I have been pretty miserable with a cold, it's seeming better this morning. I find it amazing how a little cold takes my brain functions away. I can't think very good when I feel sick. Add another factor, I didn't know that all over the counter cold meds ,well guess I should say most, have the hidden ingredient ginger. That's great for most people but I am allergic to ginger. So I was suffering even more with hives and crap before I knew what was going on. Stopped taking meds and I feel much better and hives about all cleared up.

What else is happening? I don't have a way to keep the batteries in my tablet, phone and jetpack for internet charged fully. That's another reason why you haven't heard from me. I upgraded my Lifeline SafeLink phone to a smartphone - kewl. I have been using an Anker travel solar panel that was a gift when someone upgraded. It charges the phone in a couple hours but the tablet takes a day or two depending on clouds. Anyway that is changing! Whoohoo and thanks to Kitty and Dan I now have a 100W solar panel for the car.

Seth and Matt are preparing to mount it on my cargo basket. So I'm scraping together funds to buy the extra things we need for the job. I believe that I am buying a barely used set of batteries from Seth as he makes an upgrade to his electric bike. That should give me 80Ah of battery and since they are sealed AGMs they should fit well inside a cubby in the car.

I am reminded that I need to be careful spending money to continue with my plan to be out of debt by my birthday. Traveling is not cheaper for me. I find it's harder for me to say no to extra expenses. I want so badly to be part of the community. To help others, take people for rides, go to lunch to catch up with friends. It's very challenging for me to say no. And one of my old habits seems to rear it's head in group situations, I feel like the only way to be a part of the group is to feed them and physically stay on the fringes. I'm not liking that anymore and yet I don't think that I know another way. So this month I spent about double my grocery budget. Darn I didn't consider my priorities in that decision. (Hanging my head in shame) 

I moved away from the river BLM area a couple days ago. I'm in a safe area with friends, protected from wind and with a great amount of space between campsites. I am relaxing and getting myself more organized and together. I cut back to cooking and making coffee for one. In this area Ozzie can make a quick pee run off leash in the chilly morning which lets me make coffee and prepare myself before going outside.

I will post videos and write more as I get batteries charged. Have no doubt I'm thinking of you all and working on ideas!

I will leave you with a look at my long awaited business cards. Yup I finally got my butt in gear and designed myself some. No I don't make money off any of the things listed. I can accept items or donations. I'm not willing to jeapordize my disability income. I now can give people at events more information with less give my jaws a break!

That's it for now,
Keep it Simple!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ozzie was interviewed!

Check this out! Ozzie is interviewed by GoGrannieJoSparks's dog Tippy on YouTube!

Yup, we did our best with details...who really knows everything. I need to check paperwork that I have somewhere as to his age...I  think hes been with me at 4 RTRs.

Keep it Simple and
Enjoy your day!