Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Finally a Simple Vacation of sorts

No new pics - because I'm currently camera-less!

I was feeling rather tired of the winter process, the cold weather, the intense focus I've been having on the winter trailer project... And being home was lovely, tho I kept waking up to notice, yet again, that --- whatever that isn't finished yet - the fact that I need a second coat of interior paint, or that I'm living with a new plywood subfloor but that I'm still waiting on the tiles to be available at our local Lowe's home store, or a zillion other oops I forgot that screw again kind of projects..... so

I took off with Ozzie for a drive straight down Route 180 into Deming NM.  We visited with some friends at the Low - Hi RV Ranch for a week of much needed rest, relaxation, a couple glasses of wine, a margarita and pizza party and a BIG change of perspective!

I feel so much better :)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Simple Tiny Home!

Sooooo - the trailer exterior got the initial coat of glossy white paint! HiTopMike seemed to enjoy learning how to do this process.  So with Greg's guidence - he sprayed three coats of paint on the trailer. Some day I will probably do an appropriate vintage trim design. We left the front window frame green and white crackle finish for now - because I kinda like it. 

With that finished - I could feel more confident test driving/test towing her around my town.  I have been able to tow the trailer with the Honda around town.  All went well, although my anxiety and stress level was kinda high from lack of recent experiences towing.  Although I calmed down during the drive the next day - the 37 mile drive --- yup - the drive HOME!

I still have the van.  It's been for sale, its seems forever.  I get a little interest now and then - after towing the trailer home, I realize that I would like a different tow vehicle for longer trips and mountain driving...I may be 'forced' to re-invent the van....there is some reason its still mine I guess?????

Ozzie and I have been home a week.  The weather has been great at 70F and then a storm came through and it was 18F at night and we woke up to snow flurries - na it didn't stay, it melted off very quickly.

Enjoy the picture. I still am on a very low income technical budget - so only a Safelink phone - no smart phone, camera or internet access.  I'm looking at an option to change that soon but please continue to be patient. I haven't forgotten you all!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Simply Why You Haven't Heard From Me...

Oh my gosh have I been busy this winter...yes, keeping warm....yes volunteering when I couldn't make progress on my personal - and incredibly large - project! AND I've had help, which I really needed...I couldn't have done without Ms.Gail, her brother Greg and his girlfriend Gale, ScrapperMike, HiTopMike, Ozzie for a hug!, the people at the local food pantries and churches as well as The New Hope Chest Thrift Store!  and RTR Greg who keeps prodding me to update my blog!

so here are some pics of the BIG Kencraft trailer project that has been keeping me busy....sooooon, it will have a new exterior update and of course more pics!

But hey, we are moved in and staying warm as we continue the work....

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Hello

Hi everyone!
Happy whatever you like to do during the winter - if its holidays or just snow days or what have you!

I am still spending my days around the general area of St. John's AZ.  Yes, I truely am buying land here.  No I am not DONE traveling - I am a traveler or adventurer or something by nature.

I apologize that I don't own a camera nor do I have any pictures to share right now.  It snowed here about a week ago and again last night.  We have had 5 inches of the fun white stuff!

I am bunking with friends for the time being while it is so cold and not too good for camping.  My trailer project is coming along nicely and will see a little break in work due to the cold, the snow and its forthcoming melt which will bring mud... pretty good idea since all the work has been taking place outside.  By the way, if you want to renovate or bring life to an older trailer please do yourself a favor and figure out a covering while you are doing the work, if possible, because it certainly takes longer when you have to stop working because of the weather.

Ozzie is not with me right now.  Because the friend's I'm staying with have large dogs and cats, and the handyman friend who is assisting (or doing most of) with the renovations on the trailer offered to let Ozzie stay with that's where he is.  I saw him last week - chunky butt buddy! the handyman guy likes to cook and he feeds Ozzie VERY well - I understand that Ozzie's favorite food is chicken!

My van - Vantucket - is up for sale - has been for a few months now.  I hate to have her just sitting around waiting on her new family - but hey - stuff happens.  She is parked at Jones Auto in St. John's waiting for a trade, partical trade or full sale! I keep her battery charged and start her often.

I'm still enjoying driving the SilverBullet - Honda.  Recently John at Jones Auto was able to replace the original computer and repair a problem that has resulted in the Honda feeling like a new vehicle.  Its so much fun to drive now - and its handy in the snow and rural town I am in.

I camped in the car until after the first snow, when I broke down and asked a local church to help me find a warmer way to get by until my trailer is finished.  They gave me a couple nites in a local hotel, which was a welcome change.  During that time I arranged for another situation and stayed there a few weeks.  That first place was challenging with dogs that will bite people, no bathroom and no kitchen.  I found a more comfortable situation about the same time that I got sick for a couple having the bathroom and a shower was wonderful.  I'm able to be a positive help with the family and thier community of friends and it feels good.

I have begun to volunteer at the church's thrift store (the same one that put me up in the hotel).  I am having a great time spending time at the thrift store - decorating windows, cleaning stuff and stocking shelves.

Anyway - I've heard from a couple of you lately --- Evelyn, if you are reading this I lost your phone number - please send me a message and include your number.

Hugs to you all
I don't know about RTR and not sure if I'm going yet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Simply Busy and away!

Hi All!
Long time no blog!
Well - so much has been going on and I've not felt much like writing lately. AND I've been away from the internet...

I got my Free to low income people phone.  I chose to go with the Safelink company which gives me a few months of double minutes and UNLIMITED text messaging.  My phone seems to be working fine.  It is NOT a smart phone - so no pictures, no email, and old school text typing on a basic Huawei phone.  I'm pretty happy with it so far. I had to get a new phone number so I did loose contact with a few people who had the old number.  If you are trying to reach me, you can use the blogger contact page to send me an email and give me a number to reach you at.  Texting works pretty well although they are shorter than I used to type because of the format on this phone. 

Ozzie update:  well, I thought that he had lost his voice in his accident.  Darn, he didn't (just kidding).  I find it kind of incredible that he seems to be fine.  His wounds are healing well and I think just began the itchy scab stage. He's been able to rest well, as where we are currently staying there are no dogs.  When in town though he barks like crazy at BIG dogs so we use his carrying crate/kennel thing more often - I figure if he can't see them, there is less stress and less barking.

I'm physically well.  Mentally I'm doing okay - off and on I have a memory thing pop up that momentarily interferes with the present (that's part of PTSD).  I had that happen the other day while helping at a friend's ranch and they decided to work on a welding project...I don't do well with sparks and batteries and grinders and well all that kinda stuff...nor lightening!  Anyway, I found a way to manage by smiling and running away to find a different project...I'm pretty good at managing.

Location update:  I'm still in the general area of the land that I am acquiring soon.  I have moved, temporarily, to a neighboring town called Concho Valley.  We actually moved my project travel trailer to a friend's property so that they could help me renovate it for living.  I haven't said much about this project because it can seem daunting or overwhelming to some people and I need to hear positive feedback.  I actually was given a 1959 Kencraft Travel Trailer.  This project trailer was left in the desert and trashed by whomever wanted to pull a piece off of it.  So I got it with only a few windows, an old stove (which I traded for some work), the sink and a few cabinet also came with about a foot or two of sand and a family of (all gone now) rats! ewww. 

Ozzie and I sleep in the car at night and work on the project most days.  It has been rather rainy and with thunderstorms producing hail, there have been quite a few days when we couldn't work at all.  BUT - the great news is that we have the roof repaired and coated, the cast iron plumbing pipe removed and most of the demolition is finished.  We prepared the rear wall for its rebuild yesterday by removing the aluminum skin and all the rotten wood has been removed. You may wonder as I do sometimes, how I can afford to do this kind of project on my measly monthly budget -- well, I find useful stuff, I try to take on only projects that have some good left in them and I pinch every penny till it screams!  I spent only $30 on household items this month - that's food (thank our society for food pantries), dog treats, everything... I gave up my smartphone and it's $50 a month bill.  The paneling I need to use for the trailer is $9 a sheet I'm probably going to use a total of 4, the 2x2's that will replace rotten studs are $2 each and I will need a couple 1x3 boards that are $4 each.  Windows I took from other old trailers are not exactly going to I am rethinking some of what I want to do.  My two front windows were going to have glass but the guy that cut it tried to give me untempered really thin window glass that I was scared to put in the car, never mind drive down the road on a we renegotiated for Lexan that was way more than I wanted to spend though less expensive that buying sheets of it at Lowe's or Home Depot and no risk of cutting it myself.  Soooo - $100 for my front windows (yeah for me that's an ouch) we worked out a payment plan so I can continue to fund the work that needs to be done right away, like more windows, wood for rebuilding that wall -- things like flooring and paint can wait until next payday.

I just saw my ride to Home Depot, with a pick-up truck, pass by the library window so I need to finish up and go meet him.  I don't have any pictures to share right now - no smart phone remember!
Have a great week or so till I get back to blogging.  Leave comments, I will respond as soon as I can.

remember Keep It Simple Sweetie