Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Simply trust the process!

Trust is such a hard thing for me! 

Years of different kinds of traumas and abuse, and bullying can leave people with a lack of trust. I think the worst is when we lose trust in ourselves. Of course, that's a hard one to regain as well. 

Today, my Medical Ride agency didn't send my ride to my appointment. For the 5th time. Well twice we had to cancel for the weather and three times they didn't show up. So, of course, I have lost some faith that they will do what they say they will. I had to file a formal grievance through my insurance company, which took hours on the phone. Then I had to drive myself to the appointment because I can't put it off again! Ozzie rode with me, he started having sesiures again has been extra clingy. So after the appointment, we went for a walk and then out to lunch. I tried something new by ordering a side of meatballs for Ozzie and a side of Tuna with spinach at Subway. I had never done that before. It was good and inexpensive as well. Then we came home and got our chores done. And a quick phone call, then as it was starting to get dark, I began stressing over my ride for tomorrow's appointment. So I called to check and got hung up on. Then a different subcontractor for the ride company called and said that they would pick me up. I asked about the kind of car, because a 4WD had been requested and was told they didn't have 4WD have a good night! Now I am unsettled and can't rest... concerned. Thinking no rides gonna show up again - and I remember to relax and breathe.  I remember that I am doing good things, and that everything CAN be fine - even if it looks different from the way I imagine it would be. So I get ready for bed. I hug Ozzie and I tell God how nervous I am and that I am struggling to trust the process. 


The phone rings with "Hello, I am sorry to call so late, I am your driver for tomorrow could you please give me directions!"


Friday, March 15, 2019

March Winds signals Spring!

Hey all! I am getting ready for my Technology Free Saturday again. It starts in a few minutes - I have been doing this off and on for years, beginning at sunset on Friday evening and ending sunset on Saturday. I like having a day when I don't answer the phone. Often Ozzie and I read a real book and get outside for a long leisurely walk.

Ozzie and I are just sharing an afternoon snack of unsweetened carob chips and an Amazing Grass flavored water. We walked the driveway today - I try to do that every other day. Sometimes the weather gets in the way but I get right back as soon as it clears up. 

Our most recent weather is on a gradual curve upwards in temperature! Finally, this pattern actually marks the switch into Spring here in Witch Well! This past week we had more snow, then crazy March winds, and today 50F sunshine! Yeah sunshine! Of course, with the snow melt, comes the puddles and mud that makes driving on dirt roads nearly impossible. I have learned, over the past 5 or 6 years, which puddles to watch. If there is any puddle in my driveway, I don't go out because ACR 7231 will be a rutted mess or may have an impassable deep puddle. Now if the driveway is dry, then I have to check the free range cattle's splash pool at the intersection of my driveway and ACR N7407 - if the water is in the 'splash pool' and the road both, then N7407 is impassable. If the road is dry I can get out!

So I have been unable to leave the property this winter, for up to 5 weeks at a time! I love it and I am tired of it at the same time!

Let me show you my chives and spring onions peeking out of the ground.

You all have a great day tomorrow. I will talk with you soon!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

2019 Spring N.E. AZ GTG!

Spring is on it's way! It's time to start getting ready for the Spring GTG!

GTG or Get ToGether for Friends, Nomadic, Full time RV, Vandwelling, RTR community and neighbors (Witch Well,  St John's & local) Community that is like family is important. Come share, build friendships and celebrate Spring with us.

April 17 through 26 in Witch Well, Arizona. 

Onsite camping and community dinner at sunset on the 19th.

This year's community dinner menu will be Roast lamb, grilled asparagus (if available) and homemade unleavened bread. I will prepare a variety of foods to try and accommodate different diets. Wine and simple adult beverages will be served at this meal - please respect and honor that I do not allow drunkenness in my home or on my property. The community dinner is my personal tradition and celebration of NTBMO/Seder and Passover. We will ask a blessing over the meal. You DO NOT need to believe like me to enjoy this meal or time of togetherness, if you are called or want to be here please come. 

Camping is rustic and on my private property which is accessible by 2WD on dirt roads. Please be radically independent, pack in and pack out. Town, water supply and grocery shopping are between 27 and 40 miles away. I have a guest toilet area as well as simple trash burn barrel - we will discuss how to use those when you arrive. It is best to contact me if you coming. Large RVs can be accommodated with parking closer to the paved road which is 7 miles away. We can set up a shuttle if necessary.

Daily Morning Chit Chats meet near the firepit. Bring your own chair and visit. 

The local Farmer's Market is available on Saturday mornings beginning at 8 am. A non-denominational church service Sunday at 4pm. Local petroglyphs are nearby; as is the town of Zuni.

Contact me for directions GPS is spotty and I need to get a count for dinner preparations.

*Please note that you need to bring a chair, plate or bowl, utensils and cup to the community dinner. I do not use paper plates! I will have a wash station set up for cleaning up after dinner.

Also, if camping with pet's - this is Ozzie's home! Please introduce with care, use leashes, there are areas where big dogs can run, pick up poop and we can burn in the trash barrel. NO DOGS ALLOWED AT THE COMMUNITY DINNER (including Ozzie) please secure them at your campsites.

CAUTION: This is a remote area, there are wild animals and snakes. Be safe and careful - ask questions if you need to. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Simple March madness!

Hi there! Here we are in another month - time flies when we are having fun - er or just dealing with the changing weather as Spring is trying to simply show up. Gotta love the sunshine and 60F temperatures as well as blustery winds. 

Ozzie and I are doing well. I am deeply entrenched in my therapy and weight loss program. I might share some of what I have learned at some point. I recently finished reading "Boundaries" by Henry Cloud. I recommend it. Dr. Cloud gives good examples and explanations of how we develop different styles of boundary setting or not setting boundaries. He also gives some good ideas for dealing with people in newer ways that may improve relationships, or relationships to perhaps avoid. 

I ordered a PCsforPeople mifi box hoping to have service again. There is no signal in my area. So it is being returned. 

That's it for today - I was typing this while waiting on an appointment.

Keep it simple!


Thursday, February 14, 2019

February is Simply Love Yourself Month!

We all need a little more love. February is a good month to remember that with all the hearts and I love you messages in stores and the media. We need to love ourselves! I need to love Lesa.

I like my simple basically low tech life. I like repurposing old stuff and giving it a new life with purpose. I like being a minimalist - I love it, in fact. I like my expressive eyes. I like my hair. I like my strength of character and my work ethic. I like how hard I work at being better than I was yesterday. I am practicing being kind and gentle with myself.

I am thinking about Finances. Finances are so touchy. We all are doing a delicate dance to take care of our lives with what we have. Unexpected expenses can upset our balance and cause us financial stress. Hopefully we can get right back on track.

I am also considering my online presence and interactions. I have always been very open and available. I originally wanted to share the idea of living a simple, conscious life, with others. I also wanted to show others that it's possible to live differently, have adventures and live with purpose even if you are a low income person on disability. I thought it might help someone to see my mistakes and successes

While thinking about loving simply myself I also notice my home. I have much more safety now. Yet there's another one big-ish unfinished problem with this trailer. You see it has been raining all night and all day today as well. I knew I had one leak inside a wall that I haven't figured out yet.. but tonight I found a larger leak. Darn. I also found some mold.  

How long will I work with this trailer? What life and home do I want as I age? I want to get back on the road, yet I don't like wandering aimlessly. I touched base with an old friend this morning. She reminded me that just having an easy way to get up and go somewhere different anytime, is important. She changed locations and vehicles and seems rather happy. (That's an example of loving yourself)

Loving yourself is being honest about your wants and needs. It's knowing what jazzes your soul and bringing it into your home to live with each day.