Sunday, September 23, 2018

Community Dinner CANCELLED

Due to a health issue and upcoming surgery. I need to cancel the Community Dinner that had been scheduled for September 28.

There are a few campers on site for the very casual (due to my health problem - nerve and back problems) GTG. They are welcome to stay the full 8 days.

I won't know my future for a while.

Simply hugs and love

Monday, September 3, 2018

Simply Moving Right along!

I have decided that it is time to get a carport built. It will cover both the trailer and my patio space. I'm also going to screen in the patio space and make storm panels for winter use.

A buddy from town will soon add a roof over my outdoor kitchen, using found materials.  I don't know the schedule yet, so I don't know if this will be done before the community dinner during this fall's GTG.

Financially, I am now, approximately $1000 short of being completely out of debt. I have been kind of stubborn, which has been good for me in this case. My stubbornness about paying off my own debt has been teaching me how to be more careful. It has taught me the freedom of not being a slave to societies bill paying lifestyle. I needed to do this alone. You may understand I got myself into this and I have to get myself out!

Over the years, many followers have generously offered to help me financially. I have always declined. I even refused to monitize this blog or my YouTube channel which may change in the next few months.

I was talking with a friend this week, she encouraged me to let you know what I am getting prepared to do to improve my life and allow you to help, if you want to. So here we go...

I have priced the supplies, lumber, labor and metal roofing. I have also researched when and how to proceed. I could get a Home Depot credit card, buy all the supplies and have the work done in the next few weeks. Then work diligently to pay off the card in 6 months or less. (Kind of like a mortgage or house payment)

Here's what I need:
3 - pressure treated 4x4x14' posts
6 - pressure treated 4x4x10' posts
1 - 2x10x14' center ridge
2 - 2x8x14' facia board
9 - 2x8x14' framing boards
8-10 sheets OSB
Cement tubes for posts
10 - 14'x36" sheets of metal roofing
Gutter and down spouts or Rain chains and rain barrels
Solar roof mounts and hardware (my flex panel is failing so I will need to upgrade the solar system and mount in a different location)
Stove pipe to install the new Grizzly stove inside the trailer
Stove pipe, rope gasket and high heat paint for the antique coal stove to be installed in the screen room on the patio.
I'd love to finish the patio floor.

Let me hear your thoughts and ideas about this next project.
If you would like to help me financially, let me know how you want to do that. You can always donate for free using

And Simply

Friday, August 17, 2018

Simply another week in Witch Well!


So its been another week - I helped my friend Zee, who is 80, get mostly moved into her new house in town. I helped my friend, Cheryl with loading trash and connected her with another friend from St John's who looked over her solar and generator system at her off-grid home. I planted some spinach and lettuce in pots - I don't like the asthetic look, but I need the greens more than the asthetics at the moment.  I'm, slowly working on a mini screened in garden room - mini, mind you, being that it is barely the size of a shelving unit.

I expanded the yard fencing to include a hill top dining area. Thanks to Gen for the idea! I've taken my dinner and lunches up there most days this week. I love how practical the space is.  I don't have the ground leveled out yet, one step at a time.

I've been getting gentle rain most nights this week! That's been helpful for the flower garden.  Oh and sometime this spring, when people were visiting my house, I had someone plant some potatoes that were sprouting.  I recall saying something to the effect of, just take these out there on the other side of the fence and plant these in the ground under those trees, lets see what happens.  Well, this week or perhaps it was last week, I noticed dark green things growing up near sticks under a tree - I looked around more and I think its those potato plants. I guess the rain has encouraged them to sprout up! You just never know. LOL

I'm considering doing a "What's up Wednesday" post in the future, because of my schedule and needing to use public internet to post and upload videos.... I think it's a kewl idea.

I've been focusing on my health, I had already changed my diet and now most days I'm walking the driveway with Ozzie on a leash... its a start - a good steady start. Something I have learned from my paying off debt project, these past 4 years, is that sticking with something, no matter how small does make progress. I'm down 20 pounds and close to $1000 left in debt! Oh and I cut my hair!

Keep on Keeping it Simple Silly!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Announcement: Fall GTG!

It's that time again.... I can hardly believe it has been a year already

Simply Lesa's NE Arizona Fall Get ToGether (GTG) 2018
Who: Nomads, Friends and Neighbors - only those who contact me!
What: Camping get together - When you contact me I send detailed directions and GTG schedule as well as guidelines. As usual Friday night, September 28 community dinner.
Where: Simply Lesa's home base, off grid property in Witch Well, AZ
When: September 24 - October 1, 2018

Space is limited. Contact me on the front page of this blog or at for further information.
I hope to see you soon

Keep on Keeping It Simple!