Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I'm anxious to get moving again.  I've been visiting in one location for quite some time now and I am sure my hosts as well would like a break, I know I get that way myself.  I have been struggling with the idea of getting a loan (omgosh after 7ish years of debt free living!) to buy a vehicle so I can travel a little easier.  I learned from 170 miles of hiking that carrying everything on my back is a kewl idea and it can get old - quickly.  I can live out of a backpack and I would like a few more things than that style of life is giving me at this stage of my life.  So it's probably a good idea, since it might look a little kooky to see a middle aged woman walking on the side of a road dragging a wagon or something, to just buy a car, a mini-van, a van, a small suv --- something.  And big enough to be comfortable and to sleep a night or two in while traveling.  So I've been looking and a found something interesting and I have contacted my credit union ---- and now the wait... (fingers tapping the table...)

I have learned a few things this time, as is usual with travels.  I haven't been very good about buying normal, everyday items off the internet and I just decided to try on buying stuff from Amazon, since I had an address available - it's amazing that the prices are similar to going to a store and they just deliver it to the door --- whodathunk! (go ahead laugh at how long it took me)

I seem to go through stages of amazingly boring down times after some of my adventures.  I border on the depressed, lazy, computer junkie for a week or two as I just barely function, sleep lots, take hot showers - drink pots of hot coffee - want to eat ice cream and potato chips (and sometimes I do).... until - one day or morning I just come to again.  Like I've just recovered and am able to open my eyes completely, the world isn't fuzzy anymore...  and then I'm usually only less than a week away from another adventure.  It's pretty quickly that I can't sit still, start organizing and day-dreaming or planning the next thing.

So the loan officer called - they can't approve me for the amount I would like based on their standard income levels...sooooo back to the drawing board.

PS Oh and the fish in the upper left hand corner of the blog page --- they like to be fed!