Monday, July 25, 2011


I admit it I am a Foodie!  Okay I just love food.  It's so creative.  It makes people happy and I can make pretty dishes with it that help people smile or remember good stories to share.  I just love touching it and molding it and putting flavors together.... and honestly I like eating some of it, I don't like eating as much as one might think.  I have eaten - more than my share sometimes,  yup that's how I got fat - maybe not the Why I got fat - that is another story.

Food is fun!  We need it everyday, more or less.  I think it's a wonderful thing that God gave us a way to survive, to fuel our physical bodies, to affect our emotions (think relationship break ups & chocolate cake, or PMS and pints of wickedly flavored icecream!), to play creatively mixing colors and textures and show love and we can do this every day - or share the experience with others and do it a couple times a week.  Food is great!

My family's physical heritage affects our digestive track, it seems most of us do not digest foods in ways that the general population of America do, so we as a family unit have tendencies toward allergies, athsma, diabetic related health issues.

This morning my sister and I were discussing our frustrations and changes with our weight and diets over the years.  We were sharing what had worked and not worked, why we made some changes and why we let other circumstances affect our choices and of course there was some discussion of big business and how they have their hands in our health and well being thoughts.

I have tried many different styles of diets for health and for weight loss.  As part of my mother's life process, she would add or subtract stuff from our family diet as she learned or changed a belief so it was a familiar process that I guess most of us American's tend to do.  My tendency for being allergic to all kinds of things gave me reason to learn and research different ways of relating to food as well.  I studied Natural Hygene, learned about Herbal Teas and Aromatherapy, Protien Power and cottage cheese and hard boiled eggs, liver cleanses and getting Back to Eden, macrobiotics, blood types, Orange Juice therapy, fruiarianism, raw foods, suncooked foods, Essene diets, wild and foraged foods, native foods, Nousishing Traditions...

I know how to do lots of stuff with food - I can manipulate the simplest of foods into wonderful taste experiences - and I am still human, still have times when the knowing and the doing don't seem to match up very well.

And then there is --- Ice Cream!  black raspberry - honey vanilla - home-made - rice dream or raw and decadent almond mylk what have you.... hmmm