Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Online Empires --- enough already....

I'm not a stupid person.  I even know a thing or two about computers and electronic gadgets --- geez I was a subcontractor for IBM even!.... I built databases before Access was user friendly.....  I KILLED off the Big Blue F (Facebook) from my online life - and geez now the Big Red G+ is trying to take over ----- seriously!

I have had an Android phone for a couple years now.  I got a tablet to make daily online tasks a bit easier - you know larger screen and a little keyboard and it wifi-s to most anywhere ---- well, first the tablet was like a little computer, though files were stored online in the "cloud" (which didn't have a name a few years ago when us techy-s were storing files on Yahoo).    So the tablet was nice, then a few weeks ago, more and more times when I would visit an internet site, the site would recognize I was on a tablet.  So now they automatically load a "mobile" version ---- without a choice, most of the time, to connect to the original website.  Then slowly, I'm seeing a fine print bottom of the page link to the full-website.   Sometimes.  Then G+ updated itself one day and just started this really looooong upload of ALL my pictures.  Pictures from Picassa Web, pictures from the tablet, pictures from I don't know where --- and I can't stop the upload.... so now I have how many online copies of the pictures I HAD on my SD card stored in my tablet ---- ah and NOBODY ASKED my permission!

Now I've been using Blogger - for a LONG is a Google product.  And Picassa Web seems to have disappeared in the past couple weeks --- Blogger though SAYS its connected to Google+..... except - not G+ photos.... or some ridiculous thing..... are they doing away with Blogger soon? Will they tell us?  Has Google+ stolen my photos? Will I not be able to get those off the internet?  Where did they go...where do they live....

So --- I SIMPLY want to blog and let my readers know whats happening along my travels.  I also want to share some pretty kewl happenings and people I've met and stuff...It's not fun anymore.  I fight and fight to try and type something and then some hiccup in internet service and it's all deleted or .... like today, I've been trying for hours to get less than 5 pictures uploaded and a post typed that kinda is interesting and looks good - because honestly, I want you guys to have something kewl to read!  well here's the test my buddy Cindy and I did trying to show you just a smidge about how she made her first batch of butter this morning! 

This is a test of this silly photo thing -now when I type it is supposed to wrap around the bloody thing - do you think it's going to work?  well, I don't think so!  Stupid google!!!!

 Well, we can go here and type and something does show up - hmmmm things to make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmj!
AND - we did get the milk from a local Organic Dairy - Bratt's Farm in Memphis, NY
We also had a nice visit from another Van-kamping friend... but I'll save that for later when I'm not so frustrated....

Simply - trying to find the humor in this