Another day...another dollar?

Tomorrow will be pay day for me.  I will see a counselor again today - perhaps I will talk more about that soon...I'm not sure yet how much of that info I want to keep private.  I learned last night that I will be getting a visit from a northern RTRer on Saturday.  I will try to find some touristy and interesting as well as budget friendly (preferably FREE) thing to do while she is here.  

I, also, woke up feeling rather sick this morning.  It's a combination of barametric pressure because it's raining and stormy AND my food allergies and sensitivities --- being allergic to Corn and Soy and so many other things really limits my food choices.  I visited or crashed a family taco get together last night and ate what I was told was a homemade brownie --- darn and drat, as I'm half way through it the table talk turns to how they were made --- from a boxed mix (come on people - I'm so glad they didn't contain a severe allergen!).  

I need to keep this short as I have an appointment very soon --- so more later on
I also stopped in to Swift Automotive to have my brake master cylinder checked (my son's advice) and will write more about that too in a bit.

I have a lot to say about electronic gadgets and cell phones, tablets and all things andriod - I have had the GPS functions on my android gadgets just stop working a couple times - phone overheated in Phoenix, perhaps a connection problem in Syracuse, and it can be frustrating to loose all that direction or connection while driving in traffic in a big city!  I don't have a solution yet.  I am glad I know how to read a paper map and I carry a good atlas in the van....

It's also one of my older sister's birthday's today.  We don't have any contact.  I don't know what to say.  I hope I did the right thing - tho I felt I should send a Happy Birthday email so I simply did that with only the words "Happy Birthday".  It either is taken well or I get blocked or who knows.... and life goes on.

Okay - gotta get my butt away from this time machine - and on the road.


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