Wednesday's Simply UpDate!

I'm back in Simply Van and traveling! It seems like its been so long.  

New York State is filled with lovely and friendly small towns.  I was glad to have the opportunity to meet and make some lovely and hopefully lifelong friendships while I was visiting and having work done to my van.  Cindy and her grandchildren, Rashaun and Davian were lots of fun to hang out with. We shared healthy food preparation ideas, organic and local food gathering from farms and farmers markets, and even
collecting fresh spring water from Whiskey Hollow spring.  I enjoyed many hot afternoons spent playing and cooling off at the neighborhood pool with Cindy and the boys as well.  

Now that my brake system seems back to normal - it felt right to make a test run and short visit with the van before heading out on a long trip. Soooo - Ms EMT-Sarah (2013 Winter RTR & fellow travel buddy), who along with Cumfitania Van (a Chevy Astro), lives and works at the Upper Canada Village, was a mere 2 1/2 hours away from Baldwinsville, NY.  Since Sarah had previously invited me to visit and had asked for a bit of help with a project, it seemed a good test drive for my van.  

On Saturday, I woke with the feeling or inspiration to begin preparing for traveling.  So I informed Cindy that I felt I would be leaving within a couple days, even possibly in the morning and that I would let her know when I knew more.  I didn't want her to feel surprised, I would want that kind of warning of change if I were in her place.  Then I  set about organizing some things and finishing up a couple projects.  I took some items downstairs to the van and straightened up a little there.

During this past week, Cindy and I had visited a yard sale and a discount day at a thrift store and I was able to pick up a small, folding drafting board style portable table and a couple baskets. I have learned that I love baskets!  One particular basket looked awfully shabby and only costs $2.  As you will see shortly, I turned that into a beautiful insulated fresh food storage or cooler basket.  I'm rather proud of that project.  I love to take not-so-pretty things and recycle them into beautiful and practical works of art!  The table is making my blog writing inside the van a much more comfortable process!

I have also been learning to take a lot of deep breaths and patiently work through every way of blog writing that I can think of in order to not loose posts to the internet graveyard.   It seems, at this moment the best way for me to blog is to email my posts into the blogger system. Every other way I have tried, deleted my hours of blog writing and/or desktop publishing attempts at making a beautiful page with pictures and links.  So simple as they may be, I think we're back in business again with posts.  (I hope!)

For now,

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