Thursday, August 29, 2013

Towing Lessons

Ive been busy and ive been sick÷well, actually I have asthma.  my asthma can be brought on by excertion/excersize, food alergies, cold air temps or mold n mildew.  ive been helping a dear friend clean up thier stored stuff that had been thier life in a 31ft motorhome.  shortly after their live in and elderly mother passed, the troublesome motorhome died as well.  it has been nearly three years that my friend has kept the old life in storage.  it was time to dig out and bring her inportant things back to life.  we have been handling the project in stages.  some items were stored at friends homes, some at a storage facility and some in a utility trailer. 

we began this project by going after the utility trailer which was stored a couple hours away.   i recall my exhusband and I having a travel trailer at one time. i dont, however, recall if I ever drove with, i pulled up my proverbial bootstraps and off we went into utility trailer towing history  lol.  we found the trailer with flat tires.  the lights worked fine, but the hitch and ball didnt click like i thought it should  we went to find a gas station with an air pump.  now with full tires i can pick up speed.  stop at a red light, then a jolt and shudder...i turn and ask the friend if they thought the car behind us hit the trailer.   light changes and we pull forward maybe 100 feet and the crash n scraping and....i stopped as i saw the trailer coming toward the back of the van ... whoa... well, safely stopped - im a pretty good driver! the trailer came off.  the safery chains did thier job and my rear door mounted tire kept the back of the van from damage.  now how do you suppose we got a loaded trailer back off the ground an correctly attached to the van?  we thought about jacking it up and then called a tow truck for help...tow truck drivers can be so nice.  he did need to unbend one handle  and got us all hooked up. and this time the tongue and ball clicked!  of course i drove slowly after that - what an adventure!

most of the friends things were gone through the other day. it was a long hard day of dump and sort.  the kind you might see on a reality show.  then the tougher decision making and emotional work my friend endured to get her life more manageble.  she did a fantastic job!  though there will be more to do to finish up, she has a good head start. 

and then my asthma took over my lungs and life and ive been in bed a couple days.  probably from breathing the mold, mildew and dust while doing the big sort.