Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Simply the downsizing continues

Yesterday Ozzie Al and I traveled a few miles south. It's warmer at night :) and I'm all smiles.

Stuff shifts around inside a travel trailer and the Scamp is no exception. ..especially stuff in cupboards that have no so upon arrival at the new campsite had been a surprise reorganization time. Well while we were still in Mountainair I found a couple big baskets at the Family Dollar store. I also installed some rubber shelf liner on the floor of that cabinet.  I've been reorganizing and messing around with storage and my stuff since I made my first cup of coffee this morning.  It should make traveling easier. ..I hope.

A newbie Vandweller with a 1994 Chevy van stopped by for a visit and got some tips and tricks info from both Al and I.

Ozzie and I have been watching a mole or tiny prarie rodent thing popping in and out of it's hole as well as periodically looking for the woodpecker that we can hear.

We have a nice spot to enjoy for a few days.  Rain is forecasted for tomorrow and we will likely leave before the weekend 4 wheeling events start up here at this state park!


PS - just incase you didn't see the Thanksgiving planning update. ..who besides me likes the idea of going to Joshua Tree!