Saturday, October 11, 2014

Simply -- ill again?

I have felt pretty good for a while until yesterday. is easier to be under the weather when you have space and emotional support.  So I'm hanging close to the facilities listening to my digestive tract gurgle and napping a lot.  I did call my doctor and we are working on my health insurance and appointments to see if I can get into Dr Weil's Integrative Health Clinic in Tucson. Because of two family members medical history and the research I continue, I am thinking that I may have Crones Disease.  The CCFA says that people who have Crones often can't eat what would be considered normally healthy foods and that each person reacts differently.  I thought that I was doing a good thing buying pumpkin seeds as a snack. I enjoyed the crunch and snackability. Likely it was too much fiber. 90% of the time I prepare my own food and often it is bland. I had been wanting flavors and added some mild spice to a couple meals and felt the telltale twinge telling me to be careful. Boiled soft white rice or simple boiled potatoes can get boring although they keep me out of the hospital. Greens, which I know generally heal humans can upset my digestive system and keep me sick in bed and running for bathrooms for a long time. Carrots are soothing although I need to steam them at least.

It's nice to have my travel buddy Al nearby. It calms my scary thoughts about being sick and alone as well as allowing me to sleep a little more deeply knowing that both he and Mr Ozzie 'have my back'. Speaking of Ozzie how great to have him with me. He spent the day cuddled up with me and occasionally sniffing my face or licking my cheek as if to be sure I am alright.  Al had gone into town shopping after changing the plans for traveling so I can get better and go along. And Ozzie had to go visit with him when he returned.

Earlier I took a picture of Ozzie in his new bed.  And of our nice campsite.
I'm hearing rumbles of thunder in the distance. ..

Please do stop by at Als blog and see the beautiful pictures he posted yesterday.  (BTW he secretly wishes people would comment more. Shhh)