Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Simply more decisions?

Really I am not fickle!
Really I Simply roll with life's punches!
Really I Simply keep it simple. ..

So when there is a new van repair sound I really Simply go get more information as soon as possible. ...

Ozzie and I are enjoying a breakfast burrito of eggs cheese and potatoes with black coffee at Trip Advior's Carmen's Kitchen. While our dirty laundry spins away at Soap n Suds next door and all this just steps from Larry's front end and tire shop....where Vantucket awaits her turn in a bay for diagnosis of the strange shake and sound that developed a couple days ago.

It's Simply a pleasant adventure that is allowing me to wonder about what next adventures I would prefer...
Like peppered with less tinkering of the kind I am uncomfortable with.  And more sprinkled with an afternoon's chillin with a glass of organic wine while watching the sunset after a days hiking and exploring some kewl place I've never seen before. ..

Where will we be next?