Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Simply my ER details. ..I'm feeling better!

I don't have to tell you that being sick sucks!
But thanks to Al and the folks at Sierra Vista Hospital in TorC, NM I am feeling better. Now I'm not finished yet and will still be working out details to become healthier. I'm eating solid food something I had not done since Friday.

Al drove me to the emergency room - I had to check in in stages as I was running for the bathroom. Then the process began. I explained my concern about Crones Disease along with relating my current symptoms of severe cramping (think labor pains) diarrhea and vomiting. The ER was busy and full so they gave me the xtra cot tucked into a corner - and I got great care. First they did blood tests and shortly after IVs to deal with my dehydration and some medication to ease the pain and nausea. Later the ER Dr informed me of my fever and high white blood cells count. They administered antibiotics to which I quickly had a possible allergic reaction. Kinda scarey having my throat close up and all but quick reactions seemed to solve the problem.  Then we decided to do a CatScan.

I was pretty tired and weak by the time I was taken down for the CatScan. It went well. I returned to the ER and waited for the results.  The ER Dr informed me that they were going to keep me overnight. That I showed Diverticulitis, Colitis and Thickness of the colon wall....a consult with another doctor was planned and they moved me up to a room.

In the room I had a quick meeting with the new doctor who ordered a colonoscopy. Like tomorrow (well today) so my night was spend drinking a gallon of solution to clear my colon - eww yuk pwe nasty and then running to the toilet.  This morning I had the colonoscopy done and shortly after learned that although my colon is clean and looks good I do have diverticulitis and I have a tear (sorry I don't recall the technical term) and a couple of ulcers.  The doctor also said that I could eat anything I wanted to.  And that they took a biopsy and we will talk more later.

Al came to visit and brought me a hamburger.  Then I was brought a lunch of chicken soup jello applesauce and iced tea.  At 5 they brought dinner - omgosh it was good.

I'm discussing more of my health and food issues with the doctors here because I have gotten more answers and constructive help here....I will keep you all posted on that.

So I'm awake have energy am stuffed and wrote a blog post!