Monday, October 20, 2014

Simply our New Neighbors

First a little update - Caballo State Park is having a 4x4 Club Rally this weekend. Last night they got a little roudy right about 10 pm :(  I have lived in places like Rae Curre' Costa Rica or Dominical or Pavones where you can not escape the weekend or festival sounds and basically live with it for days or weeks or you just leave before the party starts and hope all your stuff is the way you left it.  I didn't feel like a repeat.

As I also knew that Al was leaving this morning on a new adventure and I would be on my own again, well with my buddy Ozzie!  I decided to move up to Elephant Butte State Park.  This location is closer to town and to my doctors appointment this week.

Last night as a welcome home from the hospital and fairwell we are going different directions - Al cooked us a lovely steak dinner complete with fiesta mashed potatoes and steamed broccolli with holandaise sauce. It was enjoyable sharing the process and chit chatting. It is also wonderful to have such dear friends.

Our campground hosts after learning that I had been hospitalized brought homemade banana bread which became our desert and a treat for Ozzie - how sweet!

We hugged goodbye this morning and drove off in different directions.  Ozzie whining a little as we were driving, he's going to miss Al. Both Al and Ozzie came to be with me on the same day 1 1/2 months ago.

Oh a funny thing happened while I was gone in the hospital.  My van sitting of course got rather dirty but I returned to find my rear view mirror on the floor!  Lol until this mornings drive I didn't realize how much I used my mirror! So we have a few things to do to keep us busy while here - the mirror, mail, laundry, washing the van and my doctors appointment.

We have a beautiful location here. Overlooking the lake and the weekend boaters and jet ski-ers. These people have a lovely place to camp and play. ..look at those campers on the sandbar what a great location. I am content, this time, having a view from the ridge and being close to a water faucet as well as the bathrooms. Our site is still pretty private, peaceful and calm. The location of our fire pit is calling me to have a small fire tonight :)

You might be able to see our neighbor the hawk in one picture he's just been sitting in the same space for quite a while.