Saturday, October 25, 2014

Simply Saturdays Early Morning Ramblings

My being sick and hospitalized recently ....
I have to grow my own food.
I don't see how I can travel so much and do that - especially on my budget.
I have the knowledge
I can
I don't really want to do it alone
I need goats or sheep milk ferments like kefir and cheese, wild fish or game, poultry and real eggs - maybe quail. Homemade mead, ale or wines. Low fiber veggies and herbs, squash and pumpkins from the ground.....I don't think that I want to raise the larger animals I've been around that and it may be out of my league.
If necessary I am willing to sell my van and Scamp because I don't have a life when I am sick. ..I can't see other options for now because its hard to find these homegrown foods when traveling....geez a farmer's market tomato can cost $4 each. And its illegal to sell raw milk!
At least in Costa Rica every town had a farmer who would sell you something.

I was healthier in CR because I bought raw milk and fresh eggs from my neighbors. I grew culantro and spinach, learned to cook green bananas yucca and yampi that are free or cheap wild foods. Every Fri the fish man would come buy with wild caught fish and I could buy just soup bones for a dollar. I peeled rice grown by friends and dried beans faithfully.'s sometimes daily work and becomes your life/lifestyle

I'm in an early morning rambling mood. Because I have been struggling with this for so long.
Maybe there are other ways?
I was born in the wrong century lol.

And then....interestingly enough WheelingIt publishes a blog post about eating well on the road. They even included a couple websites like and that I had tried to use years ago before it caught on and worked well. .which it does now.

And omgosh I had an epiphany moment of remembering that once upon a time I actually did travel from farm to farm or spring to spring for natural water.....and I even showed others how to do that. ..and during that time I was living simple, traveling often and enjoying more of my days and myself....

Stew on that!