Saturday, October 4, 2014

Simply thinking ahead. ..and I need some help

Sooooo now that life is settling down a lot and I am beginning to have some fun instead of just being in survival and fight for my life mode. (Yes there is some exaggeration in that)

I'm beginning to wonder about the the upcoming holidays!  I'm not too interested in many of them although Big ole Turkey Day - Thanksgiving has been pretty special in my life.

This year I would like to cook Turkey in a Dutch Oven over a fire. I think that I would like to have a glass of wine or a homemade beer. Some gerkin and baby dill pickles and olives, celery sticks, perhaps pickled carrots. Maybe baked potatoes with real butter.  I'm not big on stuffing or gravy but I remember having a mushroom rice pilaf with turkey giblets baked in.....mmmm and the day after's hot turkey sandwhiches on home made bread!  I'm smelling the food already!

And of course I want to share this all with my Framily (friends like family).  Soooooo - I don't have a Dutch Oven. Or even my old blue enamel coffee boiler! I haven't made homemade wine or beer this year. Or pickles or bread (its too early).

And the biggest question of all - where will you all be. ..where can we get together. ..

I'm not stuck on this idea though I have wondered about one of my favorite places - Fortuna Pond in Yuma....lots for everyone to do and really nice weather.

As some Saturday night live character used to say - talk amongst yourselves -and get back to me asap....

Who's wanting to be together. ..where would you like to be. ..who's bringing a Dutch Oven I can borrow. ..or the wine or pickles. ...of course homemade is so much better!