Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Blog post...gotta write a blog post

And i cant imagine what to write.

I went camping in Flagstaff. As promised last October, I was there for some newbie RVers first nights on the road and their first boondocking. I also met some RTR and Facebook friends.

I had a great time!
Though for some unknown reason I was scared to go. I remembered how much i love and miss the simplicity of travel. I also rememberd a part of myself that I may have put on the back burner this year.... then on the very last nite, I came across pictures online of my entire life's history... wow

I havent quite been the same since. I can't decide if i am feeling depressed, was I triggered, or if I am simply re-evaluating everything from my life, past, current, future....

I cant write anything that seems interesting. Im filling my journal with lists and ideas and stuff i liked and didnt like. And how i felt or what caused a decision....
I want to get rid of stuff, like physical stuff that doesnt yell 'keep me you and I need each other'. Im burning trash, creating a donate pile - coffee mugs anyone need coffee mugs? - I m re-reading and re-evaluating books, quotes that formed thought kinda hibernating.

I was thrown off by an unplanned visit which caused me some sleepless nights.
Ozzie is keeping guard, at times napping with one eye on me... we are sharing very quiet days.

Typing this has brought emotional welling up of tears that i dont understand....
I Simply will be fine
and I will write interesting blog posts again.

At least im open and honest and i live transparently. Its all good
Hugs, cause i do care
Keep It Simple!
See ya soon,