Heat, hives and ...

I spent the better part of today in a DES office that's the new name for the food foodstamp office. While I was there I developed quite the case of hives as a felt my throat tightening and was trying not to scratch a rather mean office worker finished my casework.  immediately after leaving I drove to a doctors office. They were able to work me in right away and for the first time in ages I have a doctors who understands and believes me and gave me orders for a full blood workup as well as all the allergy tests available
Maybe I can finally get a handle on some of these  Health issues.

It's been rather hot here in Arizona the last couple of days. Although I have been busy and in the air conditioned buildings,  I also know where the largest trees for shade in the parks are.  tonight I cooked my dinner at the park.

I caught a glimpse of this rig at Wal-Mart. ..the lady driving is taking on quite the project.

I hope your day was enjoyable and relatively cool .

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