Simply Cottonwood AZ!

I moved down to the small town feeling city of Cottonwood last week when my gas budget was very tight.  I needed to come into Wal-Mart and just decided to spend the night in town.  What a surprisingly good decision!

Cottonwood has many sections of town including historic Old Town. All of Cottonwood is bicycle friendly and there are bike lanes and trails. They have a nice little transit system and there seems to be plenty of buses.  There is plenty of choices for shopping including a wonderful healthfood store. Cottonwood has a lovely Rec Center with daily, weekly and monthly rates for residents and visitors. I understand that the library is nice as well.   There are services to help travelers as well as the disabled and low income people of the Verde Valley.   Food pantries with fresh produce and occasionally health foods. Hot meals and a Friday evening community picnic in the park.  Free showers, hair cuts, laundry, coffee, use of computers or Wi-Fi access and much more.

Places to check out:
     The Old Town Mission
     The Loft
     Catholic Charities
     Cottonwood Recreation Center - climbing wall, tread mills and stuff,  hot tub,  pool, tennis courts, basketball court, and classes etc.

Boondocking sites:
   Urban - Wal-Mart, Home Depot,  Fry's, 24/7McDonald's, Food City,  Safeway
    Outside of town - FR 525, Bill Gray Rd, Thousand Trails Rd both North and South
     And many more

Volunteer opportunities:
    Verde Valley Animal Services
     The Loft
     The Old Town Mission
     And many more

     Mount Hope Health food store
     The Water Store
     There are many thrift stores

Verde Valley Medical Center
The Guidance Center
VA Medical Clinic

And people are just helpful and nice here.


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