Simply Endings and Beginings!


2020 is Ending - whew what a year! and 2021 it's hard to believe that its about to turn the year into 2021! 

Life has changed so much for us all. Now, mask wearing is what we all do, when a short year ago most of us hardly thought about face masks. Many of us have stopped listening to the commercial news as it once was, and have gotten off social media or curbed its influence in our lives tremendously.

I have grown a lot this year - I let go of toxic and unhealthy things much quicker than I once did, I embrace my tendencies for a self sufficent lifestyle easier, I practice the old school skills that I have learned over the years and I decided that building infastructure on my rural off-grid property was vitally important. I became a volunteer member of the which has become a big online support for me and has given me purpose helping others. I let go of my expectation to be "perfect" - it never worked anyway! (grin)  I have liked transparency and now I simply let myself be... I kinda like who I am, flaws and all. I let my hair grow back, because the person I saw in a mirror was not the Lesa that I know and I decided that it's time to love myself just simply the way I am because the world could end tomorrow or I could die at anytime so Just do it! 

I am practicing Slow Living (yes, its a thing) and Love (it's a verb and an energy source) and Gratefulness - even for things I don't "like" and Journaling daily and Walking and I am practicing Kindness, even with myself and my self talk. I am practicing Living ON Purpose! and breathing deeply. I am Giving myself permission to Keep it Simple, to Use what I already have, to slow to the pace of nature and to Be present in the Now so No Opportunity is Wasted! 

I will gather around a campfire tonight with other camp buddies with whom I feel safe. These are people that I do not have to explain myself to and who don't need to explain themselves to me either.

I have found a stability in my life and lifestyle that works for and with me this year and I am going forward knowing that my world is safe - until it's not and it's all okay.

May you find peace this ending and begin your new begining with a fresh perspective as well as a fresh sence of inner and outer peace! 



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  1. Less, Happy New Year to you too "long time no see"

    1. That's supposed to be Lesa NOT less darn autocorrect!

    2. So Nice to hear about you campinglife. Greatings from Norway


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