Simply Freedom!

 Today I feel so free!

Letting go sometimes is a challenge because how do we let go? AND what are we letting go of - a thought, a habit an item?

 I recently let go of a thought and a habit that were one thing. You see years ago I had a difficult break up from a relationship with a musician. Following that relationship music was so emotionally loaded for me that I could be happy or sad or angry or confused at the drop of a hat. I could feel so many different emotions so quickly when I would hear music. In the last month I decided to endure a fellow rvers music a little longer than normal and to my surprise and amazement within less than 2 days I realized that music was no longer loaded for me and I now enjoy music again. 

I feel so free today. Partially because I allowed myself to give up an item that I no longer was using. now I could have sold this item. And yet after I made the decision to let the item go I slept with the idea. A day or so later I realized that I had gotten my money's worth out of the item and that it was okay for me to let it go without cost.  so as the appropriate person was brought to me I was willing to give the item to them. 

Some of my friends and followers wonder why I give things away and if I've given enough thought to the process before I give things away. 

A lot of thought goes into the process of my choosing to keep or let go of an item or a or a pattern in my life. I have chosen to always spend at least 24 hours with an idea before I act on it. I also wait to listen for my intuition and guidance from God as to how to proceed with letting go. Have I ever made a mistake sure and I've learned over years that some things that I have let go of were really good for me and it's better if I were to bring them back into my life. So occasionally I will bring something back that I thought was important to let go. And perhaps it was for that moment in time. 

And so I feel very free today as I have let go of something that I had carried with me this year. I am so very comfortable in my Jeep Cherokee. 


  1. giving is better than getting! giving is better than having! may not work for you, but it works for me. happy birthday. zaz


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