Friday, July 5, 2013

OMGosh it happened again!

Darn Blogger Graveyard!

Okay, I now know what happened.  I was writing and posting in my Blogger Dashboard and the wifi went down for a moment or two during a thunderstorm.  All the work I've done in the past 2 hours is GONE! Drat, double drat and darn...
Deepbreath and let me calmly start over - ya right - I wanna just give up and cry or throw the darn machine....okay not really but geez technology can be sooooooo frustrating!

Simply Pictures:  Lock 24 in Baldwinsville, NY;  lunch the other day - cherries yum;

4th of July gang - including the frog lady (yes, she rides a motorcycle and she observes frogs! And helps Boy Scouts build award winning rockets- kewl!) ;
July 4 proud fisherman & his catfish; IMG_20130704_164205.jpg

Hostas (I love hosta plants almost as much as New England's wild daisy's);

IMG_20130702_165238.jpgTwo Wampam Indian Festival - amazing what you just find when you are exploring;

A fishing heron (he's in the picture);

my breakfast companions at Mercer Park (nice place to overnight with permission from local police - ask first to be sure) ;

kewl site seeing near Cross Lake;

 20130705_113409.jpg    what about that fire pit!;

Snow Bird's Northern Nesting sites; 20130705_113450.jpg

an Organic Dairy farm!

Simply Food:  Strawberry Lemonaide:  put 1/2 to 1 banana, up to 5 strawberries and the juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon in a blender with cold water. Blend it up and enjoy! If its too thick call it a smoothie - good, refreshing and healthy!  And yes I have a blender in my van!
Simply Gear: Hamilton Beach Personal Blender.  I bought mine at WalMart, it's my 3rd actually because I keep giving them away as gifts.  This blender has a pulse only button and its peak power usage is 200 watts.  I have a small 100 watt constant and 200 watt peak power inverter in the van.  I simply watch my little green light to be sure it doesn't turn red.  If you have a larger power inverter you won't have to watch it.
Simply Gear:  Sea to Summit Pocket Shower.  This little pocket sized package is actually a dry bag style shower.  You fill the bag with warm water, hang from something with the strong climbing rope attached and get about 7 minutes of showering.  I used this a couple days ago inside a public park restroom.  One of the stalls was very close to the big floor drain.  I hung the bag from the rod above the door.  Covered the toilet tissue and the seat with plastic grocery bags so they wouldn't get wet for the next person.  Then showered and even washed my hair. I really like and will use this, its not too big to handle either.