omgosh kids are so...

Funny - lifting the lids on the sleeping giants eyes...too  funny to watch.
as i prepare kale chips in a friends kitchen tonight.  Ever thankful for new friends and experiences that allow me to share the stories, food and blessings that are my adventure filled life.
I recieved an abundance of kale as well as other fresh fruits and veggies from the Saint Elizabeth Anne Seaton food pantry today.  I havent been to a food pantry for a while.  although I am low income and qualify for packages, I try to manage, and usually do well, on my own for a couple reasons.  One reason is that others might be more needy than I am, I feel that I have been greatly blessed with my income.  Another reason is because I have so many food allergies that I often, cannot accept processed foods.  I recently hurt my shoulder and learned that altho I am disabled (not visibly) and recieve Social Security Disability, I do not have health care. Needing to care fo my shoulder is costing me $500 to start with.  That has put quite crimp in my budget, especially right on the heels of having work done on the van.  Money being tight and more traveling coming in a couple weeks, I decided that I best save what little cash is left for gas and participate in services available to those in my income bracket.  Thishelps to stretch what income I have left for this month.
I have met some of the loveliest people, both clients and volunteers at food pantries and today was no acception.  Ms Sandy helped me with a personal item after I shared kale recipes, and Mr Billy helped carry bags to the van. 
I was surprised to find, later in the day that my first physical therapy appointment for my shoulder will be paid for by Catholic Charity's emergency I asked the therapist to please prepare a home treatment plan I can follow while traveling.
I spent some time at the local library.  We are so blessed to have libraries in the USA. One of many things I am grateful for....
oh and people think about us when we arent around - just ask my new buddy Rashaun!


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