Nomadic thoughts...

My friend Vonbrown and I were visiting and chatting and he told me that he has taken to calling himself The Nomadic Grampa!

I was thinking about that over my morning cup of coffee I looked up the idea of Nomad...because I travel a lot and I don't know how to describe
myself lately.

Wikipedia had a lot to say - and I like a lot of what they do say.  I think I'm more of a Naturalist kind of Nomad (wonder if there is a Tribe for that lifestyle?)
near the end of the page there is this See Also list:

"figurative" use of the term "nomadic"
That list really got me thinking.  And wondering - and then I found this very kewl BBC Documentary...and YES this is what we travelers in the US do.  This guy really found the true Nomads of the USA and vonBrown and I are out there right along with them.

I hope you get the time to watch the whole of this documentary.  It is long - over an hour.  I think it's worth watching if you have a friend that lives as a Full-Time-RVer, Vandweller, SnowBird, Global Nomad....or is just different.

Have a great day,


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