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Photo           PhotoPhoto Okay, so Mr. Horner doesn't really have a grave yard.  And Van's don't die - they just get recycled! And I love recycling!....soooo What do you do with extra auto parts when you are done with them?  When I decided to simplify SimplyVan's look by shedding the running boards last week.  A travel buddy and I drove, carefully, out to see Mr. Horner at Horner's Automotive.  After chit chatting and swapping travel stories, I left a few parts with him and promised to let all my Van buddies know about I'm doing that, through a blog post.

Mr. Horner's family has been in the same location on the same farm since the 1600's! wow - he has a few acres of vehicle parts. Horner's Automotive has changed a bit from its start as a repair shop.  Mr. Horner is still getting used to taking a lot of phone calls and his online inventory of parts.  He is proud though, to be one of the first recycled parts houses that will deliver straight to your door.

And for all us VAN people - Mr. Horner told me that he has a LOT of vans in his lot - so if you are looking for parts, please give him a call.  And from the pictures, you know he has at least one Chevy passenger swivel seat base, a set of navy blue running boards and a wooden dash cover! lol

Don't expect to meet up with Mr. Horner too far from home.  He says he tried that once on a trip to Florida - and he didn't like the traveling at all.  He lets his wife travel and he stays within 50 miles of home.  He likes his life better that way.  I guess he'll just have to get his traveling stories from us Van-campers and Vandwellers!

Edit to include website address: 

Horner's Automotive
1562 Lanson Road
Phoenix, NY (315) 678-1415


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