Thursday, November 20, 2014

Simply Blythe in the distance

and Turkey Day on the horizon

I tried to get a night time picture of the lights from the town of Blythe but alass smart phones are only so smart. (Smile)

Some of you may be wondering why I am making such big changes.  Selling the Scamp. Selling the van.   Whatever is going on?  Well I am healthier!  Woohoo! And I have Ozzie now! And....its time.

I have learned that I love to drive. I don't want to sit still very long at all. I want to visit national parks see the northwest us, get further into canada and visit Dee and go out for breakfast (its cheaper) or lunch with friends. I want to go for no other reason than I woke up and its time to go! I'm healthier! My food can be less expensive and my kitchen smaller.  Ozzie - my dear Ozzie,  he gives me something to wake up for, to get outside for, to care for and i do just that. I live more time outside. As I readjust my finances and get back out of debt, if I can lower my overhead then I can actually have a life and not only be moving from free camping to free camping to Wal-Mart and back to free camping.

My van has been great - of course when new, it was made for a state cop who was 6'5" tall! Try reaching overdrive! And show up at a mechanic shop and often its $90 just to take the engine cover off. And for me who loves to drive, mountain driving with a large vehicle and only two feet of hood in front of you....welll I don't want to see the country that way.

So the Scamp became a flip. And a good one.
Hopefully the van follows suit and we can shop for a newer model MiniVan.
Ozzie wants windows that open and a booster seat. Great gas mileage would be good. Maybe a sun/moon roof and good sterio...a flatish rear floor and a roof rack wouldn't hurt at all.