Simply Traveling and No Cell Zones!

Al, Ozzy, Lou and I have been traveling and enjoying each others company.

We spent two nights at City of Rocks New Mexico State Park which was a very different and really nice experience.
City of Rocks looks a lot like Bedrock from the Flintstones cartoons. You kind of come up a rise and turn a corner and there it is just layed out in the valley.

We drove through Tombstone and Sierra Vista Arizona. We spent a few days at Gardner Canyon and drove into Sahuarita to get a few things, fill water jugs and take Ozzie to the vet.

Al is a great tour guide and has been really helpful. Of course Ozzie loves him after thier time together while I sick. It's fun to watch them visit together every day.

It's very nice to catch up with Lou. Lou plays guitar, loves blues and lives in the kewlest little green vardo.

Quite a few changes are being made. We have the Van and Scamp ready for sale. I have decided that I'm selling both so I can downsize. I have sent the ad's out a few days ago.

So many things have changed in the last couple of months. While I was in  Elephants Butte and Truth or Consequences New Mexico I was surprised to find out that my body is in pretty good shape. And even more surprised that we found some answers to some of my health problem. I will be able to eat more normally which will help my budget. With changes like these I can think a little differently about how I want to travel and what I want to include in my life. Like Ozzie - of course!

I'm really grateful and blessed to have the stability of some really good friends which seems to matter more than the stability of a town or building.

I feel very good as I continue to downsize even more. Some of the best times in my life were when I could travel light and often. There is a kind of freedom to living minimally even having not much more than would fit into a backpack. 

Oh yeah and we have been out of cell signal too!


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