Simply Towing Backwards and What's up with Ozzie!

I never did tow more than a couple odd times until I bought the Scamp.
Towing in reverse?
Well, I heard stories. And in the last month I have learned how! (Happy dance)
And the squiggly tire tracks. ..well I just keep at it.
Check out the snake I saw.

Ozzie - well dear Ozzie, he's such a trooper and hiking buddy! But wow the southwest has all kinds of prickly things on the ground. We all love him, it shows in the concern as we help pull or cut things off his paws after a nice days hike. Ozzie had been traumatized before he came to be with me.  The trauma seems mostly to do with his feet and his dew claws (the curly thumb like claw). He can even bite if he is scared and something hurts his foot like when pulling out stickers. I have been working with him to lessen his anxiety and we have been doing well. Then he got some very bad stickers that we thought were out but he kept messing with his foot.  Then I took him for grooming and he came back different - almost schizophrenic.  He wouldn't eat. Hewas hidding under things it was scary and nothing seemed to help. He began improving yesterday when he came out to eat and then asked to go for a walk.but he was still favoring that foot...I decided it was veterinarian time.  I took him this morning.  It was determined that he at least had thorns imbedded between his toes. Poor buddy. Because of his anxiety it was decided to put him under anesthesia to get him the best care....well that busted the budget!  I return to pick him up in a little while so I will let you know what happened.  But on the advice of the Vet. Ozzie has new boots!


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