Is Ozzie Simply a sheep?

I guess that he thinks that he is! Lol

LHC or Lake Havasu City AZ is a beautiful area. Fortunately or unfortunately if you're driving, this is a retirement haven kind of town. Its common to see restored street rods or Packards driving around or parked in regular store parking lots.

Just outside of town on the north end of Rt 95 there is a beautiful secluded camping area. This is my first time visiting Craggy Wash. I thought that I had good directions tho alass I needed to mqke a phone call and turn around twice to find it.  Now that I know where it is, that won't happen again.  Driving North through town you pass the Wal-Mart and the Airport. After that last traffic light watch for a Right hand turn off between mile marker 190 and 191. Just as you turn Right off 95 you will notice a brown have the correct road. You will see a Welcome to Craggy Wash sign and campground host signs...the road is a bit rocky and sandy in places...well it is dirt and they had a flood earlier this year. Be a bit careful with your vehicle although I think anyone's car can make it.

While Ozzie and I were driving in yesterday afternoon we saw a young Dessert Big Horn Sheep!  I think Ozzie thought climbing rocks like him would be fun!


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