Simply Sumore changes. ..

Ozzie and I are settling down from the day.  Some sweet potatoes are on the stove - I think that I will turn mine into a sweet potato salad.

On the horizon we can see Ms Marcia nesting in her new Scamp! Omgosh it's a done deal!

As things of this magnitude tend to create some stress in those final moments this surely didn't disappoint! Although seeing how happy Ms Marcia is makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Ozzie had a chance to visit with his pal Zeak earlier.  The rocks in this area are kinda hard on all the doggy friends paws. Spoiled - says who? Ozzie was treated to a sore paw epson salt soak as we cleaned up to go inside for the night.

Vantucket is still for sale.  I'm aware of the odd logistics that could take place at any time now ... and I feel sure that we will be well blessed with our new home soon. We will be looking for a minivan very soon.


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